HM Revenue & Customs refunds to the Mount Moriah Trust the tax that UK citizens have paid on their donation – currently 25 pence in the pound. To qualify you need to have paid Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax that is at least equal to the value of the refund that all the Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs that you donate to will reclaim for that tax year. For example, if your gift is £10 you need to have paid £2.50 Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax to qualify; if you donate a total of £2,000 to a number of charities in the same tax year you must have paid at least £500 Income and/or Capital Gains Tax.

Gift Aid Declaration

I want the Mount Moriah Trust to reclaim the tax on this and all past (up to 4 years) and future donations. I am a UK taxpayer paying Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax equal to the tax you and other charities will reclaim on my donations. I will notify you of any change of address or if my tax status changes.

First Name or initial(s)_____________________________________________

Surname: _________________________________________________________

Full Home Address: _______________________________________________


Postcode:_________________________ Tel :___________________________

E-Mail: _________________________________________________

Signed:___________________________ Date: _______________________

You can print this form using the print button above. Please send your completed and signed form to:
The Mount Moriah Trust, P O Box 1229, SANDHURST, GU47 7EU

Alternatively scan the completed document and attach it to an e-mail


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