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Prayer Points: September 2021

Consider these prayer points as springboards into deeper prayer and intercession.


Give attention to your servant’s prayer and his plea for mercy, Lord my God. Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day.

1 Kings 8:28




Benny Gantz meets Mahmood Abbass

Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Sunday 29th August, just hours after Prime Minister Naftali Bennett returned from Washington DC. This was the first open, face-to-face meeting between the head of the Palestinian Authority and such a high-level Israeli official since 2010. According to a tweet Gantz published after the meeting, the two discussed “shaping the security and economic situations in the West Bank and in Gaza,” and “agreed to continue communicating further on the issues that were raised during the meeting.”

As those involved stressed, it concentrated on everyday and security issues rather than a peace process, a focus that makes sense. In the current circumstances, there is no way to move forward with a peace process with the Palestinians for the foreseeable future – but Israel cannot ignore them. It is a pragmatic approach that benefits both Israel and the Palestinians. 

The security issues are of high concern to both Israel and the PA, especially as Hamas in Gaza is taking steps to increase tensions, such as the rallies along the border fence, the continued use of incendiary devices and the resumption of the so-called “Night-time disturbances,” deliberately trying to make the lives of Israelis close to the border miserable. It was no surprise that Hamas denounced the Gantz-Abbas meeting. 

There is no love lost between Abbas and the Israeli defense minister, but the aging head of the PA, currently in the 16th year of what was meant to be a four-year term, knows he needs Israeli help to keep Hamas from taking over the West Bank. Israel, too, needs the security cooperation with the PA to stop Hamas from taking over the West Bank. 

Israel and the Gulf states are celebrating the first anniversary of the Abraham Accords. As important as these accords undoubtedly are, they do not void the need for Israel to maintain relations with its Palestinian neighbours. The PA is far from perfect but Israel cannot afford for it to completely collapse. Nor can Israel allow Hamas to continue to give the impression that terrorism and the threat of more rocket attacks are the best way to make economic gains. (Jerusalem Post article)

Subjects discussed included a loan to the PA to alleviate economic difficulties, ways to regulate the status of thousands of Palestinians who lack documentation and ways to streamline accounting for Palestinian businessmen who make purchases from Israel. Naftali Bennett supports moves to improve the quality of life for Palestinians and to stabilise the Palestinian Authority to counter Hamas.


The number of new coronavirus cases has continued to increase. There are 83,000 current cases with 11,000 new cases a day being reported (31st August). 35,000 of the active cases are schoolchildren. With schools due to reopen on 1st September it is feared that this number will rise further. Over 2.15 million people have received their third vaccination.


Border riots, night-time disturbances and incendiary balloons have been renewed bringing response from the IDF. The Israeli border policeman shot during one of these riots has died from his injuries.

Iran’s new government

Two men implicated in the 1994 bombing of the Jewish AMIA Centre in Buenos Aires which killed 85 and injured 300, have been given positions in the new Iranian government. Both men are on Interpol’s red list for international arrest.

High Holy Days in September

There are three High Holy Days during September:

  • 6 - 8 September - The Feast of Trumpets / Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year
  • 16 September - Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement
  • 20 - 27 September - Sukkot / The Feast of Tabernacles

Praise & Prayer

  • Pray the Lord’s protection over Naftali Bennett and his government so that the curses of the Ultra-Orthodox will be ineffective.
  • Pray that the new government will be strong and serve the country well.
  • Pray that Messianic Jews will receive better recognition and treatment under this government.
  • Pray that it will be easier for Messianic Jews to make Aliyah to Israel.
  • Pray for genuine and lasting reconciliation between the various groups in Israel.
  • Pray that the love and commitment shown by Messianic and Arab Christian Pastors will be a beacon of light in the darkness.
  • Pray that eradicating poverty will be a priority for the new government.
  • Pray against the rise in Anti-Semitism being witnessed throughout the world.
  • Pray that Israel will get the Covid pandemic under control and that it will soon be possible for tourists to safely visit Israel again.


Save your people! Bless Israel, your special possession. Lead them like a shepherd,
    and carry them in your arms forever. 
Psalm 28:9 (NLT)




Acknowledgement:  These prayer points have been consolidated from a number of sources including Prayer Letters and Newsletters originating in God’s Land.

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