The Population of Israel - September 2022

Total Population 9,593,000

Jews 7,069,000 (74%) of whom 5,545,800 (79%) were born in Israel

Arabs 2,026,000  (21%)

Others 498,000  (5%)

Aliyah - New Immigrants from 1st september 2021 to 1st September 2022 = 52,000 

From: Russia 26,000 ; Ukraine 14,000 ; USA & Canada 3,800 : France 2,500+ ; Belarus 1,600+ ; Ethiopia 1,450 ; Argentina 1,100 ; UK 600 ; S. Africa 500+ ; Brazil 400+

The number of Jews worldwide = 15.3 million. 46.2% live in Israel. More Jews live in Israel than any other country.

The number of Arab Christians in Israel = approximately 130,000.

There are believed to be around 30,000 Messianic believers (Jews who accept Jesus as their Messiah).

The Israeli cities with the largest Arab Christian populations are Nazareth (22,400), Haifa (14,600), Jerusalem (11,900) and Shefar-am (9,600). The largest non-Arab Christian concentrations are in Haifa (3,400), Tel Aviv (3,100) and Jerusalem (2,900).

Israel Poverty Update 2022

Israel has the largest gap between rich and poor in the developed world. (OECD)

Israel has the highest rate of child poverty in the world's 41 most developed countries worse than Mexico and Chile. (UNICEF)

  • Over 2.5 million people are living in poverty or are on the borderline according to government and NGO reports;
  • Up to 1 million Children are living in poverty; 
  • 932,000 Families are now living in poverty - a huge increase since the start of the covid pandemic;
  • Over 155,000 Elderly Israelis including Holocaust survivors are living in poverty;

Pray that the government will take serious steps to address this growing problem. Gidi Kroch, CEO of the Israel National Food Bank has said: "If the status quo stays as is, poverty and hunger will continue to hit us harder than our enemies from the outside."


There can be significant differences between official government figures and those from NGOs working with the poor.

While the government figures are based on income alone, the LATET figures to determine poverty are based on a person's shortages in 5 categories - each reflecting essential needs to live with dignity: Housing, education, health, food security and the ability to meet the cost of living. LATET estimate that 1,121,000 families are suffering some form of economic distress. 

Last Updated on 27th September 2022

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